Building in Moodle: Guide

1. Introduction

The best way to learn is by doing!  If you have not arranged to work in your own Moodle space, please go to the DL Practice Course (Cohort) which is a separate course that you can find from your Home Page.  If you are not enrolled in it, then let your course facilitator know.

Select the first available practice area to work in. You will be setting up a lesson in this area on a technology of your choice.  You may want to use the technology that you chose in the last unit to share with others. Feel free to experiment with the tools that are available.

This book module provides you with background on how to complete the required task of using Moodle to create one topic on a subject of your choice.  Use the arrows to navigate through the module.  You can come back here as often as you like to review the "how to" instructions when you build your own Moodle topic in the course in the Moodle DL Practice Course area.