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Kickstarting the Teaching and Learning Online Course

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Kickstarting the Teaching and Learning Online Course
by Randy LaBonte - Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 5:58 PM

Hi, all.  Just a quick email to launch some of the live interactions for us in the CANeLearn Teaching and Learning Online course area.  To help with this, please note the following requests from me of you.

  1. I want to start our one-on-one live meetings in Skype (rlabonte23 in Cobble Hill BC) or in our live Zoom Meeting Room:
  2. Information about connecting with me via Skype or the Zoom room is in the course area here:
  3. The video introduction I posted about me and the course is here:
  4. Please post and reply in the introduction forum so that we get to know each other a bit:
  5. As folks post in the other required forums, respond as you can.  I have subscribed everyone to the required forums so that you will get email notification.  If you wish to stop that, log into the forum and unsubscribe.

Questions?  Find me by Skype/G+ at rlabonte23, by text at 250-701-7485, by Twitter @rlabonte, or by email at

I hope we enjoy our time together over the next few weeks before Christmas (when I hope we are all finished by!).