Class Introductions

For this course will be working and learning about Chemistry 11 as a class, and the use of the discussion boards will be one of the ways we will be creating our classroom community.  I would like each of you to post an introduction.   For these introductions I would like you to share a little bit about yourself, what your preferred name is, a little bit about the community you live in, what your hobbies/interests are, and what you are hoping to learn in this class.  This is just our first step to learning about our classmates and it can be exciting, and sometimes a bit scary!

It is important that everyone understands that this discussion board is a place that everyone is welcome, and it is a space where there is no room for rude or disrespectful comments.  Any comments that could be taken as harmful to another person will be removed and the person responsible will be contacted directly to discuss their continued participation in the course. 

Your Assignment: Each student is expected to post their own introduction and respond to at least two others.  Feel free connect with more than two - these are your classmates after all :)

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