Quality and BC Standards (required)

Activity 3 is to complete the Ministry’s Quality Review: Internal Review Guide, Instructional Practices – Questions for reflection based on the Standards for K-12 Distributed Learning in British Columbia.  The standards were organized to be consistent with the Community of Inquiry Model.

Following completion of the questions for reflection you are to connect with the Course Facilitator via Skype and set up a time for a live debriefing about learning and teaching online as well as quality and standards for distributed learning.

Click here to download a Word copy to enable you to save your answers in a digital format (remember to add your last name in the file extension) for later uploading to the the course here.

For those teaching in a classroom setting, answer the questions reflecting on your own classroom practices.  For those teaching online, use the online environment and, if your practice includes some onsite interaction, include that in your reflections.

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