Activity 6: Screencasting

Screencasting is becoming an incredibly useful in explaining concepts and creating useful learning objects on the fly for use with online courses and even in classrooms.

Steve Dotto at offers great ideas and support for using technologies.

If you just want to dabble... Here are some simple, free tools to explore:

  1. ScreenCasify - a free Google Chrome plugin for screen recording - Mac or PC, tablet or phone (add it to Chrome here) - and you can edit the video in Google Drive (see help here)!
  2. Jing is a program that creates images and videos of what is displayed on your computer screen while recording your voice.  This video can then be shared with others by providing the link.  Jing can be used to record feedback on student work or help a student learn a concept that they may be struggling with.

  3. Screencast-O-Matic is another free program for PC or Mac.

Also, check out this site for additional options:

Or sign up at educator pricing for Snagit ScreenRecorder (

For this activity you will need to use ScreenCastify, Jing program or work with Screencast-O-Matic, or any other of the software mentioned above.  You will record a short video and post it in your Moodle course or topic area.   Your video does not need to be longer than one minute.  Choose any topic that you would like related to your course topic, a few examples include:

  • display and describe the course topic
  • display and describe some pictures related to the topic
  • teach a short lesson on a simple concept
  • show how to navigate a website related to the topic

If you wish to explore other free recording tools, including ones that work with Chromebooks, check out the following links.  Warning, I have not tested these myself!

Chromebooks and screencasting:

Other posts with links:

IShowU (for Mac) - a lower-priced recorder and studio (

Finally, check out the following videos for an overview of screencasting and using Jing and Screencast-O-Matic.


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