Useful tech tools

Online teachers often use a variety of programs in their courses.  Here are a few of them: 

jingJing is a program that creates images and videos of what you see on your computer screen and then share them with others.  Jing can be used to record feedback on student work.

prezi Prezi is a presentation software that allows whiteboards and slides to be zoomable.  Take a look at one to see how this tool can allow students to create a visually appealing presentation for one of your assignments in a course.

weebly Weebly is a simple program that allows you to build your own websites for free.  


pixton   Pixton is a site provides an easy way for students to make and share comics that are created electronically.


tech  This is a place where people continuously add links to free, web-based tools that they have found.

WordPress   WordPress is a blogging tool and content management system.



   Glogster  is a site in which you can create glogs (graphic blogs).


dropboxDropbox is a program that allows users to store and share files with others.




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