In Closing...

In Closing...

Here are some considerations to think about as you start working with students in an online environment:


  • Level of participation;
  • Meeting timelines;
  • Accepting responsibility;
  • Frequency of postings;
  • Pacing of the assignments;
  • Substantive postings...whether they advance the discussion, use valid arguments and supportive data, and ask appropriate questions;
  • Choosing the correct language, length of message, etc.; and
  • Share knowledge (experiential as well as research).


  • Interaction with students;
  • Clarity of instruction;
  • Clarity of learner expectations and achievement;
  • Feedback regarding the content;
  • Individual students role with class and whole group;
  • Level of collaboration;
  • Consultation and support each others learning;
  • Contributions to the class as a whole;
  • Sense of contribution and learning; and
  • The class itself.... How it functions and ensures equal contributions from all.
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