TLO Program Competencies

CANeLearn Teacher Micro-Credential Program

Teaching and Learning in Online Learning Environments

Teacher Competencies (upon completion of program)

  1. Express an understanding of online learning or digitally-supported learning as just another way to learn that is still driven by sound pedagogy, supported by technology, and effective instructional practices.

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of common terms, definitions, technologies, and components for digital and online learning.

  3. Express an understanding of current research on emerging practices in digital and online learning.

  4. Critically assess and evaluate technologies, resources, and content for use in digital and online learning.

  5. Select effective resources, assessment strategies, communication tools, and supportive technologies appropriate for digital or online learning.

  6. Create social and personal learning activities, resources, assessment, and evaluation strategies effective for learning in online environments.

  7. Demonstrate competency in teaching in online learning environments by

    1. Leading and facilitating learning experiences designed for the environment;

    2. Fostering communication and designing learning experiences between and among teacher and students;

    3. Engaging learners with content, instruction, and peer exchanges and interactions;

    4. Communicating effectively while building rapport and managing groups; and

    5. Establishing community online.

  8. Demonstrate required professional skills for teaching in online and digital learning environments, including:

    1. Responsibility, accountability, and civility in online learning environments;

    2. Critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and collaboration;

    3. Digital citizenship and copyright/attribution; and

    4. Practical and technical skills in all phases of concept, development, design, and implementation in online and digital learning environments.

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